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Forgive to Live - Serve to Deserve









































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DIRECTIONS:                                     From San Diego.....

(To print these directions, highlight the directions, click on "File", then "Print", then "Selection", then print)

1. Take I-5 S. or 805 S. to CA-94 E.

2. Merge onto CA-94 E. (13.82 miles from I-5) - make sure you stay on CA-94 through Casa de Oro to the back side  of El Cajon (Rancho San Diego) - do not take the new CA-125 to the Grossmont Summit.

3. Turn RIGHT onto CAMPO RD/CA-94. (4.51 miles) - 76 Union on left and water fountain (and T.G.I. Fridays) on far  right corner.

4. Turn LEFT onto LYONS VALLEY RD. (1.63 miles) - a small Realty shop on far left corner.

5. Follow LYONS VALLEY to the STOP SIGN. Go straight onto SKYLINE TRUCK TRAIL. (2.32 miles) which will lead you up a large hill and through a pass (Cell phones work only to the pass at the top of the hill on Skyline Truck Trail).

6. Turn RIGHT (NOT LEFT) onto LAWSON VALLEY RD. (0.19 miles) - you will come to a left hand turn LAWSON VALLEY but go a little farther to the right hand turn LAWSON VALLEY; there are two...

7. Turn LEFT onto (and rejoining) LYONS VALLEY RD. (0.70 miles) - hard 270 degree left turn

8. You will then drive down a fairly long straight-a-way on LYONS VALLEY RD....   at the end of which is a 20MPH street sign... immediately past it will be four cement pillars on the left side of the road which is DIAMOND GEM LANE. Travel up the road to the top of the gradual hill, over a speed bump, you'll see (on the right) the KEENER'S KASTLE sign (3223 DIAMOND GEM LANE), a white garage and white house. You can't miss it. The cement driveway leads to the front of the house.

Total Estimated Time: 41 minutes
Total Distance: 24.99 miles
























Ours is not to covet but to be grateful for His grace, and love. 2018 may be a very challenging year. Let us praise Him in all that we do. Let us set the example for those who watch. And lastly, let us remember the importance He places on Charity or Love... "and now abideth Faith, Hope Charity these three, but the greatest of these is Charity." 


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With the aid and assistance of Misters; 

Sean Pretty (Project Manager) 619 922-3389,

Michael Stalnaker (Owner San Diego Custom Electric) 619 206-6068, and 

Chris Manzuk (Grader/Auger) 619 659-8480, 


August 6, 2015 we went online with 40 commercial grade panels:

We have since converted our water heater and dryer to A/C, which will greatly minimize our need for expensive propane. 

The Keener Weather Report (for Jamul, CA) was started in 2001, went 7/24 in 2003 and sadly ended just before 2018 (due to changes at our internet provider). 2017 was our seventeenth year serving the residents of Jamul.

Karen continues her struggle with her health issues. She continues her daily battles. Please continue to pray for her often and know how much we both appreciate your prayer support. May God bless you and your families, for your caring. 


Click on picture for a really funny YouTube video...

We lost Fender (left) 11/24/2014. We lost Cindy (right) 1/11/2017 to cancer. We will never forget her love and loyalty. She was the best dog either of us has ever had. We now have a little Pit Lab named Shadow, new to us February 2017.



Frankincense and Myrrh


Frankincense and Myrrh have been highly esteemed since ancient times. Traveling by camel, caravan and sea, these royal treasures burned in the temples of ancient Babylon , Egypt , Rome , India and China . Frankincense and myrrh have long been considered more valuable than even gold because of their scent and medicinal qualities. The Queen of Sheba offered them to King Solomon in the tenth century B.C. The Three Wise Men (of the Magi tribe) presented gold, frankincense and myrrh to the Christ Child. Melchoir (Mel-char) selected gold for riches – stating it was “for the King of Kings”, Caspar (Cas-par) chose frankincense for peace – stating it was “for the Priest of Priests” and Belthazar (Bel-tha-zar) offered myrrh for healing and comfort – stating it was “in memory of the sacrifice He would make”.


Frankincense (yellow) and myrrh (brown) are fragrant gum resin obtained from oriental trees found only in Oman , Yemen and East Africa . The resin exudes as juices that harden to form teardrops when incisions are made in the trunk of the trees and the resins are exposed to air.

 From Judd/Karen Keener -  December 2017


Remember: Forgive to Live - Serve to Deserve

Top to bottom:  1.) Mauser .338/Leopold, 2.) Dakota Arms 7MM Rem Mag/Zeiss and 3.) Win Mod 270 .30-06/Redfield

Sako TRG-21 .308 match/Swarovski 26X50

My relatively new hobby continues:

After years of riding road bikes, I finally graduated to a recumbent trike. I added power to it just before Christmas (see pictures). Karen has an etrike as well. We just upgraded our Ford Expedition (roof and hitch carrier for her trike) which will let us go triking together.